Li Jinhui, Professor, School of Environment, Tsinghua University

Jinhui LI. Ph.D., Professor and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University. In 1997, Professor Li earned the Ph.D. in Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since then, he has been working in the School of Environment, Tsinghua University for 16 years. Now he concurrently acts as the Executive Director of Basel Convention Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific (BCRC China), which is one of the 14 regional centers under the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal and one of the regional centers under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. Professor Li also concurrently acts as deputy director and head of expert board, Solid Waste Branch of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, as the member of steering committee and regional focal point in Northeast Asia of Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP), as the member of Subsidiary Expert of Asia 3R Forum, as the member of PCBs Elimination Network (PEN) Advisory Committee of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and so on. His chief research areas cover the recycling and disposal technology of e-waste and hazardous waste, the policy and management on solid waste with an emphasis on e-wastes and hazardous waste, the disposal and treatment engineering of hazardous waste, soil pollution remediation, and environmental risk assessment. In the past few years, Prof. Li has published 22 monographers and 211 full papers (48 indexed in SCI and 44 indexed in EI) appearing in international and national academic journals and conferences, and applied for 24 patents (14 issued).

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